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Respironics CPAP Masks

(prescription required)

Simplus Full Face Mask


With three simple elements -- RollFit Seal, lightweight EasyFrame & ErgoForm Headgear -- working in harmony, the F&P Simplus CPAP/BiPAP Mask revolutionizes full face mask comfort. Simplus's full face seal rolls and flexes during sleep to create an individual, adaptive fit. The low-profile, EasyFrame provides a clear line of sight; and ErgoForm Headgear fits naturally to improve comfort for active sleepers.


  • Auto-Adjusting RollFit Seal Provides a Comfortable, Adaptive Fit

  • Lightweight EasyFrame Provides a Clear View Without Mask Pull

  • Breathable ErgoForm Headgear with Easy-Clip Frame Attachments

  • Advanced Air Diffuser for Quiet, Draft Free Therapy

  • Help When You Need it with the MyMask App

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