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Mirage Fx Nasal Mask


The ResMed Mirage FX Nasal Mask is a nasal-style CPAP mask used for the treatment of sleep apnea, snoring, and flow limitation. A nasal mask is often recommended for people who have been prescribed CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) or auto-CPAP. Since the Mirage FX mask frame is so light, we recommend the use of SlimLine or another ultralight hose tube.

If you are a current ResMed Mirage FX nasal CPAP mask user and looking to make a change with your CPAP mask, then be sure to check out the new ResMed AirFit series of nasal, nasal pillow, headgear, and full-face masks.

The Mirage FX nasal spring air cushion provides even pressure distribution and comfort, incorporating extra softness at the nasal bridge to reduce discomfort commonly felt in this sensitive area. Mirage FX nasal CPAP mask users will also find this mask easy to use. It’s easy to clean, wear and adjust, and being one of the lightest nasal masks on the market, it won’t weigh you down.


  • Only four parts make wear and care easy!

  • The slender and ultra lightweight frame provide an open field of vision and stable fit

  • The flexible "butterfly wing" forehead support allows a dynamic range of fit and adjustment; the plastic does not contact the skin

  • Dual-wall Spring Air cushion provides extra softness at the nasal bridge

  • The Squeeze-tab elbow lets you quickly detach your tubing at the mask for easy removal

Package Includes

  • (1) Mirage FX CPAP Mask Frame

  • (1) Cushion (in selected size)

  • (1) Mirage FX Headgear Strap

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