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Respironics CPAP Masks

(prescription required)

Swift FX and Swift FX for Her nasal pillows masks


The Swift™ FX and Swift™ FX for Her nasal pillows masks deliver effective therapy in a lightweight, unobtrusive design. Minimal facial contact offers a sense of freedom, and the sleek headgear doesn't impose on the way that patients look and feel. The Swift FX for Her offers a more petite size and slightly less facial coverage to better fit smaller contours.


  • Once the right pillow size is selected, adjustment is minimal, saving valuable time for clinicians and sleep professionals.

  • Made up of only three parts, the mask is easy to assemble, clean and re-assemble.

  • Designed for instant appeal, the non-intimidating look and feel promotes patient acceptance and adherence.

  • The mask stays in place and maintains an effective seal, even at high treatment pressures.

  • The silicone headgear is soft and flexible, bending easily to conform to the patient’s face.

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