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Since 2002, Military Medical Supplies has been providing quality products to Active Duty, retired veterans and their families.


We recognized an opportunity, once again, to serve those that serve our great nation. Through our relationships with top CPAP companies, we are able to deliver premium machines on the market today. Feel confident that Military Medical Supplies will be here if you need help selecting a CPAP, APAP and BIPAP machine, have questions about operation or simply need more supplies.

As a family-owned business, with several of us being Military Veterans, we understand your needs and the challenges you face preparing for, and during deployment. That is why we meet regularly with Respiratory Therapists and Military Doctors to develop custom deployment packages for those of you with sleep disorders and Apnea. Our  team has assembled a kit to include an extra SD card, battery pack that lasts over 8 hours, a battery charger and additional supplies (masks, tubing and filters) to accommodate your time while deployed.


Military Medical Supplies is a global supplier of CPAP, APAP, BIPAP and supplies so you are just a phone call or email away from receiving the products you need.


For respiratory clinical questions, please text our respiratory therapist Robert Kirbis at 808-218-2589 or email him at

Our Team

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